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Principal’s Message

Dear Students,

The subject of education conformity in schools assumes paramount importance in the current century. Creativity, the multi facets of pedagogy, skilful reflection of teaching, new era learning techniques transform the curriculum into a meaningful and beautiful phenomenon. Evolution of thought-processes have resulted in making students participants at learning and not recipients of knowledge.  The right knowledge will kindle the spirit of curiosity and that will open the doors of exploration.

Children, you must equip yourselves to dream and dream big.  While drifting towards the tide of your ambition with positive thoughts catalyzing your devotion, I would advise you to strengthen human connectivity and lend your thoughts for the disadvantaged zealous aspirants.  As is often heard, the salient component of worship is service to mankind.  Life is quite competitive with words preceding actions in volatility.  You should build up enabling machanisms to overpower any firewall in your quest for progress.  Work with passion, elation and satisfaction and not for admiration, appreciation or applause.  Your actions must resonate with empirical evidence of intrinsic values.  Indeed, that is the true mark of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

Wish you all success.

Yours sincerely 

Nirmala Venkateshwaran 

Senior Principal, BVM Eroor